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The collection of shell porcelain is more attractive and creative than traditional porcelain. First of all, its texture components are all seashell pearls. Without the previous lead content, its whiteness, brightness, thinness and toughness are much higher. Haibei is a non-renewable resource after hundreds of millions of years of seawater tidal accumulation. Secondly, its creation is not like the use of oil-soluble mineral raw materials in traditional porcelain. It is difficult for artists who are traditionally engaged in traditional painting and calligraphy to use it freely. Finally, shell porcelain, as an emerging high-end porcelain art investment product, will no longer be plagued by traditional ancient porcelain and modern antique porcelain, which will bring troubles and insurmountable thresholds to ordinary investors.

Because the porcelain materials are very sophisticated, the process is extremely complicated, the molding is difficult, the cracking is easy, and the production is quite difficult, so the finished product is very precious. At present, Bei porcelain has won the China National Invention Patent and National Technology Invention Gold Award. It is a contemporary high-tech crystallization of China's independent intellectual property rights and has been recognized by the world as a national geographical indication protection product.

As the authorized cooperation center of the Bei porcelain base, the thick garden has attracted many famous artists from home and abroad to visit and create. Tianyibei Porcelain Museum is a platform for artist creation and docking, mainly for the display, research and creation of sea porcelain art. The artist uses the shell porcelain as the carrier of creation, and presents the works of art perfectly, which makes the shell porcelain art value in the process of artistic aesthetics, and establishes its unique, precious and rare collection status.

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